Bringing the magic of movies to the East Linton, Tyninghame and surrounding areas 


Pix In the Stix Community Cinema


Welcome to Our 2018 Season

Our movies on the 14th April will be shown in the big hall as we have Paddington in the afternoon and expect a great turn out. If you would like to come to Paddington and our evening movie Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, we are suggesting a donation of £6.00 for the two

See you there 


Pix in the Stix is a volunteer run community cinema for East Linton, Tyninghame and surrounding area. The idea of Pix in the Stix is to bring cinema into an area which is predominantly rural. We aim to show a broad range of films from U rated to18 rated. We show children’s films, family films, animations, classic, world cinema, horror and serious dramas. We are trying to provide something each season for everyone and are always prepared to listen to new ideas.

Since we set up in 2009 we have shown well over 300 films and have gone from strength to strength. Most of our film nights are busy, and always result in discussion.  We don’t always play it safe or go for blockbusters, sometimes we see little known movies with great reviews from around the world. Some are loved by everyone, some are loved by some and not liked by others, but it is always a fun night out.

We set up the tables with nibbles and candles for the adult evening movie and have a bar supplied by East Linton Wines. All in all it is a good night out.

As part of our film license we can only tell you what’s on if you become a member ... but don’t worry this is free and all you need do is click on “become a member”,  enter your email and chosen password and you are in the site. You need to use a memorable password so you can access the information when ever you like in the future.

Find out more ...

Pix in the Stix is a non profit making community cinema. We have applied for grants for things like buying our cine equipment and are looking to raise more funds for things like a young adult cinema night or making our own movie, have a look under at our news for things we are doing.

We are entirely voluntary and always need volunteers. We would love to train up some new projectionists, if you are technically minded and would like to have a go, please contact us. Or you may want to join our committee, this is where films are decided on and tasks are handed out like leaflet design and distribution, putting chairs out, selling tickets, dressing the butchers window (if you don't live here, all our events are advertised in the butchers window, come and have a butchers!).. It is a busy committee but great fun and a great way to socialise. We are very proud of what we do and enjoy it too!

Getting into our movies

  • The movies are not ticketed. To come to a movie just turn up, all we ask is that you support us by becoming a member, which is free, and we ask that you put  a donation in the bucket at the door. This is to cover our licenses, room hire, film purchase and equipment maintenance.
  • Free popcorn for children
  • Licensed bar and nibbles for adult films


  • If You Would Like to reserve a table, please email us with numbers