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About Pix in the Stix

Pix in the Stix is a volunteer-run community cinema for East Linton, Tyninghame and surrounding area.

Pix first set up in 2009 and since then we have shown hundreds of films – See the archive if you’re interested. We show a broad range of films from U to 18-rated, including; children’s / family films, animations, classic, world cinema, horrors and dramas.

We screen two films each month, one children’s / family in the afternoon and an adult screening in the evening. Older children and teenagers are welcome to come to the evening films as long as they meet the certification criteria.

We ask for a suggested donation of £5 (evening films) and £3 (afternoon films).

We aim to provide something for everyone each season and are always open to suggestions. We don’t always play it safe or go for blockbusters. Sometimes we see little known movies with great reviews from around the world. Some of our movies are loved by everyone, some are loved by some and not by others, but it is always a fun night out. 

Most of our film screenings are busy, and often result in discussion. It is a warm and friendly environment and at an the evening screening, many people come on their own.

Tables are set up in cabaret style with nibbles and candles for the evening movie and popcorn for the kid’s films. You will also find a licensed bar for the evening films.  

All in all, it is a great night out! 

As part of our film license we can only tell you what’s on if you become a member – but don’t worry this is completely free and once signed up you will be given the details to access our upcoming screenings as well as being kept up to date on all the latest news and information.

We are always open to suggestions about movies you would like to see or ideas about our screenings. Let us know your thoughts by contacting us.

Interested in volunteering?

If you are keen to help out with Pix in the Stix then we’d love to hear from you – simply contact us with your details now!